My Favorite App

This was a special theme for today’s blogathon post, what is your favorite app. I thought, hm, does this fit into my blog’s theme, but yes, it does. 

I have a lot of apps I use all the time, particularly the language translators and the Vivino app to record wines that I especially like. But when it comes to learning more about the behind-the-scenes actions and the general conversation about how the Sandusky scandal continues to affect the Penn State community, I turn to Twitter.

There is a very active community there that is dedicated to finding answers to what really happened at Penn State, and to understanding why other organizations that have dirty secrets aren’t under the same kind of scrutiny. Admittedly, sometimes these folks are a little zealous and they aren’t afraid to go on the attack. Desmond Howard, the Michigan football star and ESPN employee, has been brutal against Penn State as a whole, and the Twitter gang have been rightfully asking Howard why he hasn’t put Michigan under a similar microscope when his alma mater’s president and administration looked the other way for a long time when an employee was found to have child porn on his work computer. Nothing was done until another employee complained. 

This is where I find out about new revelations. It is where I get a feel for what the world is thinking.

Yes, Twitter is my favorite app these days.


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