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  1. Tom Drake · · Reply

    I became aware of your site from Wendy Silverwood’s tweeter page. I enjoyed your initial two writings — because they are personal and informative. Life is about the human element. This entire tragic and sad saga is about the human element….Correction: the proper adage: You don’t know what you don’t know.

    This story is not about football, as you know. Although seemingly not at the moment, this story is one of the most compelling dramas in American history, and will be told in numerous ways, beginning after the trials (when Schultz and Curley can speak freely). All viewpoints will be valued for their historic input. So, too, yours, if you should decide to write a book — which I encourage you to do.

    Ken Burns’ masterful Civil War documentary is not valued and cherished so much for its political and battle info, as it is for its human element. Nothing will touch the minds and hearts of people more, in all stories, than how events affected people on a human level. From A to Z, from JoePa and Sue, PSU big shot administrators to the janitors and secretaries, to alumni, and the Pennsylvania faithful (which I am one), how this story touched people personally is how best to reach the greater audience — today, tomorrow, and for the Ages.

    I currently live in Tennessee. I have an uncle who lives in Georgia. Everywhere in our nation, an overwhelming majority of people have not followed this story closely. Why should they? None-the-less, the story has revealed much about many people. Here in SEC country, many people ignore the tragedy of the child sex abuse and only focus on the superficial element of the sanctimonious Joe Paterno and Penn State, with its high graduation rate and “Success With Honor”, and they are delighted that JoePa and Penn State were brought down to size. While others, older and more mature, value the human element foremost. In discussing this story, I had one gentleman, about forty years old, say to me, referring to how harshly JoePa has been treated “What they did to that man was wrong. Just plain wrong.”. And so it goes…the drama of it all.

    Who are you? I highly recommend that you provide a brief bio and even a photograph. People like to know something about a person with whom they are dealing with. Your blog probably will not have much success. Being an aspiring writer, what is far more important is a potential book, filled with info and anecdotes. Any honest and fair book about this story will be a valued documentation of a historic event.

    JoePa’s statue will return in the near future and all will be well again. Joseph Vincent Paterno was a good and great man. Despite being led by another good and great man, Urban Meyer, Ohio State University will always rot!!! Clarity. All is well. God bless.


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