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Real Life

Sometimes real life gets in the way. More like work gets in the way, and this blog, which is just musings and helping me to shape the book idea, get pushed to the side. That’s what happened at the end of this week. C’est la vie. I’m reading a Jodi Picoult book right now for […]

My Favorite App

This was a special theme for today’s blogathon post, what is your favorite app. I thought, hm, does this fit into my blog’s theme, but yes, it does.  I have a lot of apps I use all the time, particularly the language translators and the Vivino app to record wines that I especially like. But […]

Pointing the Fingers of Guilt

Our society is generally clueless when it comes to assigning guilt on the right person — like the one who committed the crime. Women who are raped, for example, are often blamed (wore clothes that were too revealing, got drunk) for inciting the crime committed against them, while the men are too often slapped on […]

Short and Sweet

I don’t want to miss a day of blogging, but I don’t have much time — it is a very busy work day and I’ve got to pay the bills. But the past few days have been busy in Penn State land, too. A Board of Trustees member tries to defend his group. A Trustees […]

Nouns and Verbs

As it is the Blogathon, I’ll be posting here every day in June. Sundays are lazy days for me, and today was no different. The Twitterverse I follow was mostly talking about the Phillies game, which I was watching, and a few folks retweeting the latest news and thoughts about ongoing investigations and new lawsuits […]

Guilty by Association

As kids, our parents warned us that who we hang out with is important. We could be great kids who don’t cause a lick of trouble or do anything illegal or questionable, but if you hang around with the wrong kids, kids who have reputations for drinking, using drugs, getting into trouble, etc., you will […]

Why I’m Writing This Blog

On November 1, 2011, I sat on the balcony of the Manta Ray Inn in Hollywood, FL, with a notebook and pen in hand, scribbling out the opening chapter of what my November Novel challenge. My idea was a group of Penn State students who met at the Penn State-Nebraska game in 1982, became friends, […]